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Removing Barriers to Employment

The GoWork Community Training Fund is there to provide employability skills and workplace etiquette instruction to people who may face barriers when trying to gain employment. We provide attendees with the knowledge, skills and support specifically relating to exploring the idea of employment.


We educate people and provide practical hands-on support, equipping them with the knowledge required so they can make an informed choice as to which employment is a career pathway is the right one to take. We educate people and provide practical hands-on support, equipping them with the knowledge required so they can make an informed choice .


  • We care about people and want to help to rebuild communities working collaboratively with other partners.  

  • We want to give people who may consider themselves at a "disadvantage", the chance to widen their skills and unlock their potential.

  • We want to help the unemployed find work and regain their confidence and self-esteem! 

  • We believe that learning about self-employment should be tailored to each person's needs rather than a one size fits all service! 

  • We are non-judgmental and aim to provide a service that meets the needs of our clients.

  • We are advocates of helping to reduce poverty, create equal opportunities, empower people, increase life skills and support people through every step of their journey into employment.


Our Employment Skills Programme offers a range of sessions and qualifications developed in partnership with employers to develop the skills and work ethic learners need to secure employment and be effective in the workplace.


Most learners face a number of barriers or challenges that can be incapacitating in terms of employment, if not managed well. Learners facing significant challenges without assistance in handling them are likely to fail at work even if they are successful in getting a job. We help learners manage challenges and perform effectively, so they improve their mental and practical skills to not only gain employment but keep it and improve on their new skills.


  • Explore the importance of qualifications, letters of application, CVs and the interview

  • Transferable skills

  • How and Where to Look for Employment

  • How to upload a CV to Internet Jobsites

  • Interview tips and techniques

  • Workplace etiquette

  • Coping with stress and anxiety within the workplace

  • Conflict resolution


We provide a range of employability 'soft skills' training such as improved communication, confidence and interview skills.

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St Helens, Merseyside.


Tel: 07505126898

Supporting the ex-forces community into employment