Why join our community?

Working together for your future.

Why are we different?

We specialise in finding you temporary recruitment for a whole range of positions. The key to our success is that we invest our profit in your future. We work in exactly the same way as a traditional recruitment agency, however, we open a 'Training Account' for you, and we pay a percentage of our profit into your account for you to spend on training and qualifications. The more reliable and professional you are, the more you earn and the more money goes into your training account.


  • Packers

  • Forklift Drivers

  • Machine Operatives

  • Production Operators

  • Assembly Workers

  • Warehousing Operatives

  • Order Pickers/packers

  • Production Operatives

  • Parcel Sorters

  • Cleaners

  • Recycling Operatives

When you are employed by a traditional recruitment agency, you get paid for the hours you work and the agency charges the employer. 


The first thing to know about being a temporary worker is that you are the responsibility of the recruitment agency. This means that it is the agency that pays you, not the company in which you may be placed. Of course, the recruitment agency recoups this from the employer and will charge a further fee that covers all their costs and a percentage of profit they make from your placement.

What is charged

  • The basic pay - hourly or daily rate you get paid.

  • Other associated costs (Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, National Insurance etc.)

  • A margin (or markup) is a percentage on top of the basic pay that makes the agency a profit.


Why are we different?

We are a social enterprise, that means we have a social conscience. Any profit our organisation makes from your employment is collected into a training account for you to spend on gaining a HGV licence. Once enough credit is accumulated in your account it can be redeemed for training.  

What we promise to do

  • We’ll help you to appreciate the level you are at

  • We’ll be clear about the roles you are right for

  • We’ll tell you the salary you can expect

  • We will help you plan your future career and training

  • Always do our best for you

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St Helens, Merseyside.


Tel: 07505126898


Supporting the ex-forces community into employment