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a social enterprise helping the community into work

GoWork CIC is a social enterprise that will positively disrupt how traditional employment agencies conduct business, treat staff and change the system to a fairer one that has the interest of the worker at the forefront. 


We work in exactly the same way as a traditional employment agency with one major difference. We are a social enterprise, so any profit we make we invest in our workers' to give them a better future. We recognise the importance of people and positive action on the wellbeing of the economy, society and the environment.


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why register with us?

Working for our social enterprise is exactly the same as if working for a traditional employment agency, however, you will receive your wage as normal but the profit made from your hard work does not go to shareholders or business owners. Instead, a percentage of our profit goes directly into your personal training account for you to use for future training and qualifications.

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why are we different?

Use our services as you would any normal recruitment agency. However, when you hire workers from our social enterprise you know our workforce is a reliable and motivated one because the more an individual works, the more they can affect their future. It actually benefits the worker to be dependable as they gain more training credits. 


We also work with you to identify any gap in your workforce. We then recommend what qualifications our workers should obtain to fill your future vacancies. We are a ‘not for profit’ social enterprise company, so working with us will contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and maximise social impact.




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St Helens, Merseyside.


Tel: 07505126898


Supporting the ex-forces community into employment